Monday, June 21, 2010

Internet Life is always last.

Well here again but then not really here either.

I've struggled to find the right headspace and time to write blogs here for quite some time now and I can't see it getting easier.  Not sure if I want to put more effort into my internet life either...

One thing I have discovered recently is that even Soccer can appeal under the right conditions.

I know I digressed sharply then but I've been watching a bit of the Fifa World Cup and it's been interesting.  Not to mention that New Zealand qualified again, last chance was 28 years ago.

But I really don't like soccer.  I watched the first kiwi vs.slovaks game and was very bored.

Went to bed after half an hour even, and while the result was fantastic, I'm not sorry I missed it.  For a game that has 22 men running about for around 90 minutes non-stop, very little really happens.  There have been so many 0-0 or 1-1 draws so far in this tournament, I think I have finally discovered why soccer fans are considered the most annoying and aggressive of all sporting fans.  They're too bloody frustrated after sitting through all that action and finding themselves with a 0-0 draw!

Anyway, so not a big fan but then came last night and the kiwis vs. italians and I'm beginning to come around now.

7 minutes into the game and New Zealand scores a goal.  This is against the reigning world champions and apparently we're ranked 78th so not at all expected then.

The Italians counter by running around the field in a frenzied attack of the worst acting soccer has ever seen but luckily for them, the referee seems to have been paid off handsomely before-hand.  The amount of ludicrous hollywood dives these i-tais pulled and the amount of penalties that were rewarded was just ridiculous.

A wee shirt pull apparently had an italian boy diving for the grass clutching his head and claiming foul.  The silly ref gave him the penalty and they scored their only goal which left the game 1-1 and that's where it stayed.

I guess if the only way that the reigning champs can beat the 78th ranked team is to cheat and cry wolf then we can hold our heads up very high.  The Slovakians played a much better game and I hope they beat Italy and knock 'em out of the cup.

One thing's for sure, the world is now on the look-out for the faked injury dives that the italians love so much and hopefully they won't bedazzle the next referee and get their fair come-uppance.

I'll have my fingers crossed for that.

But, also quite proud that the most exciting match of the cup so far was a kiwi game.

As for those whining french...  don't get me started there.


Rosencrantz said...

It's nice to hear a non-American use the words "soccer" and "boring" so close together.

Violet said...

I usually avoid watching sport, but still get all excited if an under-dog Kiwi national team does well (and these days ALL our national teams are underdogs).