Thursday, May 27, 2010

Plate 'o Brown

We have a joke in my family that when my husband cooks for him and the girls, it usually ends up in a plate of brown.  On my book club nights he gets stuck into the kitchen making them homemade chips and either fried chicken or steak perhaps with a side of buttered mushrooms but normally only for him.

I don't mind, it doesn't happen very often and their plates are more colourful when I'm around, bu I had to laugh just now because Little Miss 11 has walked out of the kitchen holding her breakfast plate 'o brown - her daddy would be so proud of her.

She is like me in the way that we both find breakfast food so utterly uninspiring and dull and so this morning she is munching down crackers, pickled onions and roast chicken leftovers.

A well-balanced breakfast for a growing monkey I think.

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Ms Mac said...

Roast chicken leftovers should be a breakfast staple, if you ask me.