Saturday, April 24, 2010

NZ Rally WRC, here I come.

I'm helping out at the special leg of the NZ Rally for the WRC championship this year and I am so super-excited.  I love cars, am one of the biggest Formula 1 fans around (I stay up to 3am to watch the races without fail), and ever since Kimi Raikonnen jumped ship from F1 to WRC, I've been following these races as well.

I don't know, there is just something about watching sport at the highest professional level that I really enjoy and when it comes to car racing, the strategy and the design, the driver skills and the educational calls needed on the fly to get the most from the race day conditions to me are completely fascinating.

Personally I am a MacLaren Mercedes fan, especially backing Lewis Hamilton, but there are so many drivers in the F1 league that I also like.  Kimi was one of my top 5 so naturally I'm finding his change to rally racing an intriguing prospect for a new sport to follow and then the chance to work at the rally just fell into my lap.

I think it is fate.  I am obviously going to really enjoy this season.

Funny then that my sister has just posted about how much she doesn't like cars.  We have a lot in common but motoring is not one of them.

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cesca said...

I'm sorry, but car racing is NOT a sport.

Ugh, can't imagine watching cars going round and round a track for hours...